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Version: 0.2

Steps to Lifting Your AVT to the Aventus Network


This is for the Mainnet and not the Testnet

Step 1

Go to eth-converter and enter the amount of whole AVT to be lifted as Ether

Copy the resultant Wei value

Go to the AVT contract

Click Connect to Web3 (ensuring your Metamask is currently pointing to the correct account)

Expand method 2. approve and enter:


guy (address) 0x1Af691Cf6d6944C53e42dAAC8395e63F46186E68

wad (uint256) the wei value from Step 1

Click Write, then check the details and Confirm in the Metamask pop-up

Wait for the transaction to be mined successfully (succeeded on etherscan)

Step 2 - Lift The Token

Go to the FTSM contract

Expand method 2. Lift and enter:


_erc20Contract (address) 0x0d88eD6E74bbFD96B831231638b66C05571e824F

_t2PublicKey (bytes32) the relayer public key (including the ‘0x’)

Contact us here to request your relayer public key

_amount (uint256) the wei value from Step 1

Write and Confirm the transaction on Metamask.


Save the transaction hash

Step 3

Contact us here to enquire about your lifted token.