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Version: 0.6

Steps to Lifting Your AVT to the Aventus Network


This is for the Mainnet and not the Testnet

Step 1

Go to eth-converter and enter the amount of whole AVT to be lifted as Ether.

Copy the resultant Wei value.

Step 2

  • Go to the AVT contract
  • Click Connect to Web3 and follow the guide below.

Connecting your Wallet to the Smart Contract

At the time of writing, in-browser metamask wallets newer than version 10.12.0 do not work, please use the mobile phone metamask wallet app and connect it to the contract on Etherscan via WalletConnect.

  • ❌ Metamask browser extension.
  • ✅ Metamask mobile wallet app.

Ensure your Metamask is currently pointing to the correct account i.e. the account that holds AVT and that the network is currently set to Ethereum mainnet.

Interacting with the Smart Contract

The below image is an example.


  • guy (address): 0xb01eF958F37E999a5528D14F825Cd429596F3864

  • wad (uint256): Fill with the resulting wei value from Step 1

  • Click Write, then check the details and Confirm in the Metamask pop-up

Wait for the transaction to be mined successfully (i.e. succeeded on etherscan).

Step 3 Lift AVT

Go to the AvN contract.

  • Click Connect to Web3 (ensuring your Metamask is currently pointing to the correct account i.e. the account that holds AVT)

  • Expand method 8. Lift and enter:

  • erc20Address: Insert the contract address of the AVT token 0x0d88eD6E74bbFD96B831231638b66C05571e824F.

  • t2PublicKey: The public key (NOT the address) of the AvN account you’re lifting to. If you're using the wallet, the public key of your Aventus address can be found in the wallet.

  • amount: The amount you previously approved as the ‘amount’.

  • Click Write and Confirm the transaction in Metamask.

The below image is an example


Save the transaction hash

Getting Your Public Key From the Sesame Wallet

The public key you need for the Lift can be found in the wallet. You can download the wallet here: iOS / Android.

To view your public key in the wallet

  • Log into the wallet.
  • Make sure you’re viewing NETWORK not CURRENCIES
  • Click on “Aventus” under the “Aventus Network”
  • Click on “Receive” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on the “COPY PUBLIC KEY” button.

Step 4 Confirmation

After 10 minutes go to the AvN Explorer. Put the t2PublicKey value in the search bar and you should see your new balance reflected there. Ensure you are on the mainnet tab of the explorer.