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Version: 0.8

Transfer AVT

Transfer an amount of AVT from the sender account to the destination account.

await API.send.transferAvt(AVN_RELAYER, recipientAddress, amount);

This operation uses a relayer account that the sender authorizes to submit the transfer transaction. You can learn more about relayers HERE.

You can get the AVN_RELAYER and AVN_GATEWAY_URL here.

const AVN_API = require("avn-api");
const AVN_GATEWAY_URL = "<node_url>";
const options = {
suri: "<account_suri>",
const API = new AVN_API(AVN_GATEWAY_URL, options);

const AVN_RELAYER = "5Fb...yTh";

//This can be an address or public key.
const RECIPIENT_ADDRESS = "5DA...gxV";
//Amount of AVT in 18 decimals
const AMOUNT = "123400000";

async function main() {
await API.init();

const result = await API.send.transferAvt(
// Returns a request id

(async () => {
await main();

You have now successfully submitted a transaction to the AVN.


You can query the state of your transaction here using the returned result.