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Version: 1.0

Ends a listing for NFTs in a batch

Ends a listing for all NFTs in a batch on a marketplace.

This page is kept simple to show the function signature and how it can be used. To understand the various variable names and their constraints, HERE is an explainer. For a further deep-dive into how the Aventus Network supports NFTs, check this out.

await API.send.endNftBatchSale(batchId);

This operation uses a relayer account that the sender authorizes to submit the transfer transaction. You can learn more about relayers HERE.


You can get the AVN_GATEWAY_URL and Relayer here.

const AVN_API = require("avn-api");

const AVN_GATEWAY_URL = "<node_url>"; // Find this value on the Networks page in the Set Up section.
const options = {
suri: "<account_suri>", //the seed or SURI for the account accessing the network.
const API = new AVN_API(AVN_GATEWAY_URL, options);

// follow the link above to learn about EXTERNAL_REF
const EXTERNAL_REF = "https://5DA/gxV";

// Index of the nft within the batch
const INDEX = 1;

// New owner address
const OWNER = '5G7B3...';

// any string can represent the batch Id
const BATCH_ID = "batch_id";

async function main() {
await API.init();

let result = await API.send.endNftBatchSale(BATCH_ID);
// Returns a request id

(async () => {
await main();

You have now successfully submitted a transaction to the AVN to end a listing for all NFTs in a batch.


You can query the state of your transaction here using the returned request id.

Production Example

Multiple NFTs have been minted on the AVN and HERE is a link to the AVN Explorer that provides more detail on the minted NFT. Click on the Advanced tab on the page to view more details on the transaction.