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Version: 2.4

Split-Fee Transaction as a Payer

Before setting up users to send transactions with the option flags stated above, there are a few steps required.

Register your payer account

An account on the Aventus network needs to be registered "as a payer". Currently, the registration process requires you to reach out to Aventus to create a new payer account on the Gateway.


The Gateway will hold the SURI for the account to ensure it can process the payments on the account when required.

To register a payer account, Aventus will need an email address to associate with the account. Once the account is registered, an email will be sent to you with instructions on setting up a password on for your account on the Gateway.

Once you log into your portal, you can view the public key of your payer account.

Now that you have your payer public key, you'll be required to fund the account with AVT, ensuring the account can pay for your user's transactions.


After the first log in into the dashboard, payers can also be use the Gateway admin services programmatically i.e. without the UI dashboard - docs here