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Version: 3.1.0

Relayer Fees

await api.query.getRelayerFees(avnRelayerAddress);

The will return an object detailing the default fees a particular relayer charges, in AVT, for a set of executable transactions.


You can get the AVN_GATEWAY_URL and AVN_RELAYER here.


const { AvnApi, SetupMode, SigningMode } = require("avn-api");
const AVN_GATEWAY_URL = "";

const singleUserOptions = {
suri: "0x5392ca60a61aea99fce14358798de93c1bc11c3696a905718738c71fae539c24", // this is from the generated example account
setupMode: SetupMode.SingleUser,
signingMode: SigningMode.SuriBased,
const avnSdk = new AvnApi(AVN_GATEWAY_URL, singleUserOptions);

//replace with the relayer address or public key received from Aventus
const AVN_RELAYER = "5DA...gxV";

async function main() {
await avnSdk.init();
const api = await avnSdk.apis();

const fees = await API.query.getRelayerFees(AVN_RELAYER);

(async () => {
await main();

Example Result

Below is an example of a returned object showing the transaction types supported by the relayer and what it charges for each transaction type.

proxyAvtTransfer: '23800000000000000',
proxyTokenTransfer: '23800000000000000',
proxyConfirmTokenLift: '23800000000000000',
proxyTokenLower: '23800000000000000',
proxyCreateNftBatch: '23800000000000000',
proxyMintSingleNft: '23800000000000000',
proxyMintBatchNft: '23800000000000000',
proxyListNftOpenForSale: '23800000000000000',
proxyListNftBatchForSale: '23800000000000000',
proxyTransferFiatNft: '23800000000000000',
proxyCancelListFiatNft: '23800000000000000',
proxyEndNftBatchSale: '23800000000000000',
proxyStakeAvt: '23800000000000000',
proxyIncreaseStake: '23800000000000000',
proxyUnstake: '23800000000000000',
proxyWithdrawUnlocked: '23800000000000000',
proxyScheduleLeaveNominators: '23800000000000000',
proxyExecuteLeaveNominators: '23800000000000000'


Returns fees for a particular relayer, optionally by user and/or transaction type


HEADERS Content-Type: application/json Authorization': bearer <awtToken>


  • relayer (AVN_RELAYER) [required] - a string representing the relayer's public key or SS58 address.
  • user [optional] - a string representing the user's public key or SS58 address.
  • transactionType [optional] - a string representing the transaction type.

Possible Transaction Types