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Version: 3.4.0


This is the documentation for the Aventus Network (AVN) Gateway API.

This API is designed to assist you with submitting transactions to the AVN and quering the AVN. Transaction submissions could range from transferring AVT from one account to another, transferring NFTs or even initiating transactions on your own tokens lifted to the AVN.

The Aventus Blockchain

If you would like to learn about the Aventus blockchain, a good place to start is our open website blog. However, we also have another blog designed for more technical updates to the AvN Gateway API.


The API is currently in its beta release, so we would appreciate your help in identifying any concerns. Also, if there are any gaps in the documentation, please do log an issue and we'll get to it promptly.


Check this page for breaking changes and new features across versions.

Get Started

Get started by installing the prerequisites.