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Version: 1.0

ExecuteLeave Nominators

Withdraws previously unstaked AVT back to free balance and leaving staking.


HEADERS Content-Type: application/json Authorization: bearer <awtToken>

REQUEST PARAMS relayer [required] - a string representing the relayer's SS58 address user [required] - a string representing the user's SS58 address payer [required] - a string representing the payer's SS58 address nonce [required] - string integer value of the current proxy nonce of type 'staking' proxySignature [required] - a proof signed by the user allowing the transaction to be proxied feePaymentSignature [required] - a proof signed by the payer allowing the relayer fees to be paid paymentNonce [required] - string integer value of the current payment nonce of the payer

curl https://AVN_GATEWAY_URL/send 
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "Authorization: bearer <awtToken>"
-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"proxyWithdrawUnlocked", "params":{"relayer": "5FbUQ2kJWLoqHuSTSNNqBwKwdQnBVe4HF3TeGyu6UoZaryTh",
"user": "5HMYezk4gRAoed54DD76TEyrx57Wv5jZ98XQp7DGZM8rSTyf", "payer": "5HMYezk4gRAoed54DD76TEyrx57Wv5jZ98XQp7DGZM8rSTyf", "nonce": "117",
"proxySignature": "0xa6326c1f3e0133325a5f52a076c8334869fb2908f9d8a77d7b3027811e6a536d7530a710d4ebecbab19ccc9ef4a2f91e127268d546447637393505ab935f2b85",
"feePaymentSignature": "0xd81a53ea9acc81fc9b027372587bf66a3a59c53a7113adeabd0758a75625c91ff4eb731eea6f0d0b73098fe8f98e69b9c91f87e7afb831f8416acc01580e7f80",
"paymentNonce": "10076"}, "id":1}'

RESULT FIELDS VALUE - a request ID that can be queried for the transaction's status