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Version: 3.4.0

Mint a Batch of ETH-Bought NFTs

Mint a batch of NFTs on the Aventus network.

Minting from a batch of NFTs has a different flow from minting a single NFT. To mint a single NFT, please follow the steps here. The main difference between minting single and batch NFTs is when you mint an NFT from a batch, the batch abstraction must already exist to allow the NFT to be minted from within that batch. This is a cross-chain transaction given that it requires communication between the Aventus parachain and the Ethereum blockchain during the lifecycle of the transaction.

await api.send.mintEthereumBatchNft(ethereumTransactionHash);

You can get the AVN_GATEWAY_URL for all networks here.

const { AvnApi, SetupMode, SigningMode } = require("avn-api");
const AVN_GATEWAY_URL = "";

const singleUserOptions = {
suri: "0x5392ca60a61aea99fce14358798de93c1bc11c3696a905718738c71fae539c24", // this is from the generated example account
setupMode: SetupMode.SingleUser,
signingMode: SigningMode.SuriBased,

const avnSdk = new AvnApi(AVN_GATEWAY_URL, singleUserOptions);

// replace with the ethereum transaction hash of the NFT you're trying to mint.
const ethereumTransactionHash = "0xcd591...72f6";

async function main() {
await avnSdk.init();
const api = await avnSdk.apis();

let request_id = await api.send.mintEthereumBatchNft(ethereumTransactionHash);
// Returns a request id

(async () => {
await main();

You have now successfully submitted a transaction to the AVN to mint an NFT from a previously created batch.


You can query the state of your transaction here using the returned request id.

Production Example

Multiple NFTs have been minted on the AVN and HERE is a link to the AVN Explorer that provides more detail on the minted NFT. Click on the Advanced tab on the page to view more details on the transaction.